What is IWIN?

IWIN is an IRC2 token on the Icon Blockchain. When playing IconNetBet.com, you earn IWIN as you gamble. It gives you partial ownership of the Casino similar to owning stock in the casino. You earn IWIN based on the amount you bet regardless of winning or losing.



Why own IWIN?

As you earn IWIN, you earn partial ownership of the casino. This ownership earns you shares of the casinos profits that will in time pay out a percent of the profits of the casino‚Äôs daily earnings . The more you bet, the more profitable the casino is, the more you earn. Rewards will be paid out in ICX daily, regardless of what token you bet with.  At release, we intend to pay 20% casino profits back to the players. However, that is a short-term plan and we plan to pay exponentially more in the future. The long-term goal is to pay 50% to 80% of the casino profit.

How to earn IWin?

First set up and ICONex wallet at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/iconex/flpiciilemghbmfalicajoolhkkenfel?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

After that, set your ICONex wallet as your active wallet in the casino by clicking on the wallet link in the top left corner. Then have fun gambling at IconNetBet.com. Every bet you make creates a transaction on the ICON network and pays you IWIN rewards directly to your ICONex wallet for each bet.


How much IWIn rewards do I receive?

By default, you earn 1 IWIN for every $10 USDT you wager at our casino for any accepted cryptocurrency. If  you bet in ICX, you earn an increased reward of 1.1 IWIN for every $10 USDT you bet. Token rates/USDT

If  you bet in ICX  and play the games under INTERBLOCK Category , you earn an increased reward of 1.3 IWIN for every $10 USDT you bet. Token rates/USDT price will be updated every  60 minutes. The current price/USDT value will be calculated by https://coinlayer.com


What to do to receive ICX profits by holding IWIN?

We keep it simple. Play and earn your IWIN. In order to get paid, then all you need to do is to keep all your IWIN in the most recent ICONex wallet that you used at the casino. Once profits are paid out, they will be paid out automatically with no extra requirement for IWIN holders.

Helpful tips


  1. Make sure that if you own multiple wallets that you move all IWIN to your active wallet linked to the casino. That is the only wallet that ICONNETBET.com will recognize for paying out ICX profits.
  2. IWIN earnings and ICX transactions will be submitted once per minute. They will be processed as a first come first serve basis. (Hint: INTERBLOCK owned games will transact faster. They do not need to rely on external servers of provider games.) However, all IWIN earnings will be paid even if there is a lag. It just depends on the casino transaction volume at the time.
  3. To learn more about IconNetBet.com and IWin, click on this link.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lMIpMjM9OReW2qTKKx27jVp2C6YpD8QL/view?usp=sharing